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The GGAC 'Complete Ablution Solution'

The GGAC 'Complete Ablution Solution'

Ref: GGAC-A8

The GGAC 'Complete Ablution Solution' consists:

Field Toilet Shelter (GGAC-A5)
Toilet Stool (GGAC-A3)
Stool Carrier/Storage Bag (GGAC2)

This equipment is British built. It is robust and if well looked after, will give many years service.

Price: £360 plus carriage: £20

Price: 380.00


Field Toilet Shelter - The GGAC 'Thunderbox'

Field Toilet Shelter - The GGAC 'Thunderbox'

Ref: GGAC-A5

Fit for purpose and designed to withstand the British weather. Very robust steel construction, powder coated to prevent rust.

The frame is in sections for winter storage and has a flat base on each upright with spikes to hold it in the ground similar to the Toilet stool (longer spikes) which is illustrated.

Four lifting eyes near the top of each corner for easy transportation using the front end loader of a tractor.
Also for securing guy ropes (included) in windy weather. Made in sections for easy handling and storage.

The heavy duty material has provision for pegging out around the two sides and rear. The top is translucent to provide internal light.

Price: £300 plus carriage: £20

Price: 320.00


Toilet Stool

Toilet Stool

Ref: GGAC-A3

Heavy Duty Toilet Stool frame with Vinyl Seat.

Very robust construction, folds flat for ease of handling and storage.
Cross bar of frame increases rigidity (shown in third photo).
Hygienic and washable.
To prevent slipping the legs are pointed and incorporate a flat section to minimize sinking into soft ground.
Substantial carrying case included (GGAC2 below).

Shown inside the Field Toilet Shelter in the first photo.
For use with or without a bio-degradable bags (shown with bio-degradeable bag in second photo).
This stool can also be used with other receptacles, e.g a chamber pot, a Potty, a bucket or anything suitable. In this case use the top part of the bio-degradable bag as a cover for the Toilet seat to improve hygiene and the general acceptance of this important piece of equipment.

An essential piece of kit useful for all campers and particularly for Backpackers, Cyclists, Motorbikers, Horse riders and those using Public Transport. A "green" element of GGAC!

A good investment for GGAC camping venues too, because this accessory makes off beat, semi wild 'adventure' camping even easier, so encouraging additional bookings. (Far cheaper than building permanent toilets etc. and is ideally suited for camping in remote areas).

If stocked by an FLO it will be included in the Venue details on the Venue website page.

Price: £60 plus carriage: £20

Instructions for using the GGAC Heavy Duty Toilet Stool

Price: 80.00


Vinyl Seat Cover

Vinyl Seat Cover

Ref: GGAC-A4

Strong, flexible and washable vinyl seat cover together with secure fixing straps.
Easily covert a standard camping stool into a toilet stool by replacing the existing canvas seat
with this vinyl seat cover.

For use with or without a bio-degradable bags.

Price: £17.50 plus carriage: £2.50

Price: 20.00


Toilet Stool Cover

Toilet Stool Cover

Ref: GGAC-A6

Easily convert the GGAC Toilet Stool into a standard camping stool by
replacing the toilet stool vinyl seat cover with this mesh seat cover.

Complete with straps to hold the seat cover in place on the stool.

Price: £14.00 plus carriage £2.50

Price: 16.50


Carrier/Storage Bag for the ABS Toilet Stool

Carrier/Storage Bag for the ABS Toilet Stool

Ref: GGAC2

This Substantial Bag is available with the GGAC Heavy Duty Toilet Seat to facilitate ease of carrying and storage.

Price: £14 plus carriage: £4.00

Price: 18.00


Biodegradeable Bags for the ABS Toilet Seat

Biodegradeable Bags for the ABS Toilet Seat

Ref: GGAC4

Pack of 12 additional biodegradeable bags for the ABS Toilet Seat. Posted in a large blue bag (pictured centre). Price: £6.00 including postage and packing.

Price: 10.20


Black Biodegradeable Refuse Bags - 12

Ref: GGAC7

Pack of 12 black biodegradable refuse bags. Ideal for the hygienic disposal of used Ablution Solution Toilet Seat bags.

Price: £3.25 including postage and packing. (Quotations for larger quantities invited).

Price: 3.25


The GGAC Ablution Solution Mk 2  

The GGAC Ablution Solution Mk 2

The GGAC Ablution Solution Mark 2 (Trailer Mounted) is currently sited at Venue WW003 at Westbury Wiltshire, for a trial period.

By arrangement, it is possible that it could be moved to another Venue if the owner feels that it would be useful to have a further trial. GGAC are of the firm opinion that this unit, or a cheaper Pallet version which will be available to purchase, will attract additional campers and particularly families. It is an essential piece of Kit!

GGAC, in conjunction with Hiscock Engineers, of Trowbridge, have designed the Pallet version which can be moved by a Front end Loader to wherever it is required. Small wheels could be attached for towing. The Floor area would be the same as the Trailer Mounted version. Enquiries are invited and the unit would be made to order.

The current Hire charge is £2.50 per night. This is not finalized and will be reviewed later. This will not only encourage more Family Campers but will generate additional income. It will be a worthwhile Investment.

No Building, No power or water supply is required. The unit would also be ideal for use by staff working in isolated areas.

Enquiries invited from Farmers and Land Owners.
Shepherds Hut  

Shepherds Hut

Cowley Shepherds Hut.

Best value, best quality and the best guy (Theo Cowley) to deal with.

Basic Model @ £5600 plus VAT ex works (Gloucestershire).
Initial Deposit £650 will put you in touch with Theo when you will be able to discuss your requirements
and stage payments payable to Cowley Shepherd Huts.
Ordering via GGAC will give you preferential treatment.
Thoroughly recommended by JWL who have just bought one.

Export/Overseas Market:
Cowley Shepherd Huts export all over the world through the GGAC website only.
Orders welcome and will receive prompt and personal attention.
Out Door Wood Burning Cooking Stove  

Out Door Wood Burning Cooking Stove

Wood Burning Stove for cooking out doors.

In addition for use by campers, this professionally made Stove would be ideal for use by the FLO. It will be super for BBQ's, Parties, and family entertainment. Incorporates two holes at the top of the stove to make it easier to move around (by tractor or two people).

To order direct from the Windy Smithy web site click here:

Prices (as of January 2012):
Stove: £480.00 inc. VAT Flue pipe (2 metres): £70 inc. VAT Rain Hat: £35 inc. VAT
Carriage: £50.00

Total including carriage: £635.00 inc. VAT

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